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Service-learning: The Spirit of Hong Kong
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Service-learning: The Spirit of Hong Kong

Service-learning: The Spirit of Hong Kong


The goals of the service-learning course are to:

  1. enhance student academic learning through real-world experiences,
  2. increase students’ sense of civic identity and awareness of Hong Kong culture,
  3. nurture socially responsible future leaders,
  4. support meaningful projects that positively impact communities, and
  5. provide students the opportunity to holistically participate and ethically discuss a wide range of social issues in Hong Kong.



The course aims to:

  1. enhance students’ empathy and critical thinking skills.
  2. use a whole person approach to language enhancement by strengthening students’ existing knowledge of English presentation skills.
  3. empower students to reflect on how their actions may positively impact the global and local community in preparation for them becoming a global citizen.


Advisory: Priority will be given to non-local students and those who do not speak Cantonese. All services will be conducted in English.

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All students

Course Info

Course Code : ELTU2008

Unit : 3

Level 2