Peer Tutoring Scheme Summer Service Period: 23 May to 31 August 2022

What is Peer Tutoring Scheme (PTS)?

Peer Tutoring Scheme offers informal opportunities for CUHK undergraduates and postgraduates to consult trained Peer Tutors on the use of English language in different areas of need, in particular, speaking and writing.


How can Peer Tutors help you?

Since 2016, we have over 60 culturally and linguistically diverse Peer Tutors from 15 countries/regions and 8 faculties. Our Peer Tutors will

- conduct one-on-one peer tutoring sessions;

- provide online feedback on your essays or assignments for any course;

- and help you build up skills for effective and independent language learning.


Kindly note that this scheme does not aim to provide proofreading/editing services, although Peer Tutors may help identify error patterns for you to edit. As each session has limited time, Peer Tutors may not necessarily comment on all the work you upload. You should also be reminded that you can only ask for feedback on your own work; you CANNOT book a session for someone else.

What do you need to do?

  • Consulting our Peer Tutors

    If you are interested in consulting our Peer Tutors, you simply need to

    1. Go to Peer Tutors Page

    2. Watch the self-introduction videos of Peer Tutors

    3. Identify a suitable Peer Tutor

    4. Register online, and make a request, if any

    5. Go to the venue* at the chosen time slot with your assignment, if any

    *Face-to-face sessions are conducted in the designated area (opposite to the service desk) in Learning Commons, 6/F Wu Ho Man Yuen (WMY) Building. All face-to-face sessions will be conducted via Zoom from January 24 (Monday) until further notice.

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